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The highly respected HBOS whistleblower Paul Moore (Head of Group Risk HBOS 2002-5) accuses the former Home Secretary, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary of accepting his evidence of possible criminality within HBOS and then being part of a high level cover-up.

Moore seeks to highlight-

“The failure by Ken Clarke to follow up his acceptance that my evidence demonstrated at least civil wrongdoing by HBOS and probably criminal wrongdoing both while Shadow Business Secretary as well as while The Justice Minister.

I have all the correspondence with him that proves this. If I could get the media to look into this carefully, this would be a major news story.”

So why have the media not investigated Moore’s accusations?

“This far, I believe that they believe it is so momentous that they simply cannot believe it but I can prove it to the appropriate level to justify publication.”