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In the view of Prof Harper the answer is a resounding YES!

From: Nigel Harper <>
Date: 4 December 2017 at 12:25:02 GMT



It is clear to me that you are a very conflicted and deluded being.

The debate regarding banking crimes against the country is a vital issue to the customers of bank’s, the stakeholders, the country and the banking victims, of blatant criminality.

I am an expert witness for a handful of the victims, and fraud and criminal behaviours are readily evident. Their evidence is compelling.

Indeed the plethora of fines paid by these two banks’s and their corrupt Chairmen and Boards is evidence enough to substantiate these allegations.

Fines equate to criminal behaviour, there can be no other definition.

For you to support criminal behaviours by allegedly introducing the emergency debate on a war zone in the Yemen in order to ensure that no debate on bankers criminality occurred, tars you with the same brush.

You obviously do not understand the tide of anger in the country against the self serving bankers, who in case you have forgotten, destroyed the global economy in 2008. This is the sole reason for the Governments austerity package, which the less fortunate in the country are paying for.

Having spent the last 43 years in banking witnessing both the good, bad and the plain ugly I find your alleged actions to be no better than the criminal bankers whom you appear to support?

I understand banking thoroughly and the situation that the Treasury tolerates today is appalling. I would sack all Chairmen and Boards of Lloyds and RBS immediately.  

Their denials, obfuscation are legendary, no doubt egged on by the likes of you and your fellow Tory compatriots who wish to maintain the status quo.

This is never going to rest, the public anger is rising and your actions have fuelled this anger.

I know you are not a qualified, time served practicing banker, I am.  I have examined on behalf of HMRC banking frauds on an industrial scale perpetrated against the state.

The same old club members are implicated time and again.  Fortunately I was responsible for the incarceration of a few bankers who believed erroneously that we would not recognise mortgage fraud linked in to VAT frauds. I had a list of over 30 bankers who should face justice at Lloyds Bank alone.

I am very happy to come and meet you face to face with the victims whom I represent because it is abundantly clear to me through your actions, that you have no idea of the damage inflicted by your actions in the House on the 30th November.

I have a good mind to send you my invoice for a day wasted and the associated costs that I incurred by attending the House for the APPG Debate on banking. My daily fee rate is £2,500.00 per day plus costs.

As a former Tory supporter I can confirm that through your reckless actions I am now going to vote for another party at the next election.  He at least has the moral fibre and courage to support the hundreds of thousand victims of the banks’.

The victims include those that lost their job, the ancillary suppliers and manufacturers, HMRC who lost Tax Receipts, the Government who lost credibility on the global stage, pandering to the every whim of the corrupt bankers. Every job lost is a social crime, it destroys peoples self esteem and worth.  It destroys dreams and aspirations.

The damage inflicted by the elite buccaneer classes on the country will take some 30/40 years to repair.

Standards of conduct that are enshrined in the ‘Bond of Trust Oath’ that every qualified Chartered Banker or Certified Banker swear upon graduating have to be supported by the Treasury, Regulators and Government and Educators.  Schools have to buy into the societal standards required by business today.  

Arthur Daley standards should be a thing of the past.

The shadowy grey cesspit in which Bankers, Vulture Funds, Accountants, Lawyers and Valuers, the Treasury, Regulators, and Government  operate has to be defeated; with transparency, honesty, justice, truth, trust, integrity, morality, fairness, openness, and respect for all customers is vital for the wellbeing of the country’s trade with the wider world.

The City supported by the Westminster Village and media do nothing, letting corruption continue unabated.

The time is now upon us, for we the public and the victims,  to stand and be counted. I know of one Political Party’s support for the SMEs that are far more advanced in their preparation for the next election, than any other mainstream party.

Just look at the household names that have left the high street, Jaeger and Aquascutum, Woolworths, and global market leaders such as Fairline Yachts and many more. All at the hands of greedy bankers and vulture funds.

Your actions in calling this debate for a far flung despotic leader in a war zone who promote terrorist activities globally is a sham.

Quite frankly you should be ashamed of yourself, thwarting the best endeavours of Dr. Andrew Bailey, CEO, FCA, who is desperately trying to bring some order to the Financial sector, but is working with an Act, FSMA 2000, 2010 that is not fit for purpose, and a Treasury that are denying the obvious, supporting the lies and denials of the Chairmen and Boards of the banks involved in these crimes namely, Lord Blackwell, AHO, JC, Sir Howard Davies, Ross McEwen et al.

I look forward to meeting you with some of the victims so that you may learn and understand the corrupt workings of the buccaneers, masquerading as bankers, which are predatory and corrupt.

The country want and need the City and Government to clean up their act.  No more lies, no more obfuscation, no more deceit, just truth and justice for all.

Banking was and should be a revered profession as it was when I joined Lloyds Bank Limited in 1971. Leaders such as Sir Jeremy Morse and Eddie George were statesmen with the highest integrity and morality, that I was fortunate to follow.

The current incumbents are not fit to tie their boot laces, and this goes for most of the aforementioned. Sir Jeremy Hayward needs to smell the coffee, his actions bring the government into disrepute. How he permits the denials and obfuscation to continue unabated is beyond belief. He is too Institutionalised.

The Nation want to be treated respectfully, we need a Public Enquiry into the RBS and Lloyds Banking Group, nothing less will suffice. The Nation are not blind and know what Fines represent.

Bankers have to be qualified Chartered Bankers or Certified Bankers, and at least 25 years time served before being eligible to join the Board in a leadership role.

Look at what the unqualified bankers did to the global economies? Would you have Bowel Cancer surgery from an unqualified surgeon?  No. I did not.

Banking is no different. Skill and education were the foundation of Great Britain and qualifications should be mandatory for anyone that aspires to lead a Bank.

Let’s meet, the costs are down to you.


Professor Harper FCIBS, Chartered Banker MBA, FCIB, ACIB, CEMap.
Counsel Fellow Chartered Banker Institute and Governance Committeeman
Awarding Body Retail Banking Academy Board Member and Examiner.