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Hats off to Alex and the Mail on Sunday team for confirming in public what every victim has known for years-LLOYDS Chief Operating Officer is a lying b*****d ( Lets be more honest than LLOYDS, he’s an evil bastard-Ed).

Porky White lied to Paul & Nikki Turner last March when yet again he followed the company line and categorically stated LLOYDS did not know about the HBOS crime before the police trial which culminated in January with 6 criminals going to jail for a total of 47 years.

YOU’RE A LIAR ADRIAN WHITE and thanks to the Mail on Sunday today 4m people, many of whom are no doubt LLOYDS customers, know that at the very top of your seedy, crime infested bank,there is no honesty, no truth, no trust.

As you know Porky White the police are interested in you

and not just for fraud and perverting the course of

justice but other seedy goings on.