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Lawyers acting for LLOYDS BANK and Mr Horta Osorio have threatened imminent legal action if Noel Edmonds does not immediately withdraw his blog comment possibly suggesting Mr Nosorio is a murderer.

Whilst acknowledging Noel Edmonds did not specifically accuse Mr Osorio of committing murder they claim the alleged link to corporate manslaughter is actionable and if not withdrawn within 48 hours will result in immediate legal action for substantial damages. They reserve all legal rights.

Noel Edmonds takes this threat very seriously and is now offering a full public apology to Mr Osorio and LLOYDS BANK and he undertakes to clarify that he is not accusing Mr Osorio of being a murderer.

Noel Edmonds today issued the following statement:”I deeply regret using language that could be interpreted as meaning that I believe Mr Osorio had murdered LLOYDS victims. In future I will use more accurate language-Mr HORTY NOSORIO is the leader of a bunch of assassins who’ve destroyed the lives of thousands if not millions of my fellow countrymen”.

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