Huge thanks to everyone-fellow victims of LLOYDS BANK, the parliamentarians, media and honest caring supporters who were concerned by my lull in blogging. Simple explanation- this fight is relentless and LLOYDS BANK procrastinate, lie and deny. It can get a bit wearing and 2 wonderful chums Chris & Carole said-“take a break on our boat off Crete” and thats where I’ve been as you’ll know from social media! I can’t go anywhere these days without a selfie or 2!!

I’m now getting back up to speed and what a lots been going on-all incredibly positive. The tidal waves of public and parliamentary opinion are coming together into a tsunami of accusations, allegations and media condemnation principally aimed at Horty Nosorio and his arch liar Lord Blackhorse.

I’ll give my views next week and then I’ll release my most explosive weapon so far. No joke. No exaggeration. Something very big is coming LLOYDS way next week.