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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

From: Noel Edmonds
Subject: Are you indifferent?
Date: 2 July 2018 at 20:42:08 GMT+2
Cc: Stansfeld Anthony <>,


Hello Sue,

There’s nothing subtle about the absolute misery experienced by the victims of Lloyds Bank in Bristol. So I make no apology for being absolutely blunt.

The Chief Executive of Lloyds Banking Group  Antonio Horta Osorio and his Chairman Lord Blackwell have been proven to be dishonest and to have covered up criminality within their bank. They have lied to Parliament, the police, the media, shareholders, customers and most significantly their victims and yet I can find no record of you joining with the accelerating movement to have these people brought to account.

Terrible crimes were committed in Lloyds HQ in Bristol.

Avon and Somerset police have known about these crimes for many years but unlike Thames Valley police they have decided to take no action.

This point has been raised in Parliament so I am not alone in finding it absolutely incredible that somewhere within our wonderful A&S police force a decision has been made to protect Lloyds Banking Group.

My question is-

Why are you not standing shoulder to shoulder with your fellow police commissioner Anthony Stansfeld who has done so much, to protect whistleblowers, provide accurate information for the media and energise victims to seek justice and compensation and why have your force not acted upon the information provided by the victims of Lloyds in Bristol?

Noel Edmonds