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Whistleblower hotline (01326) 560229

From: David Brotherston
Subject: Juliette Mottram
Date: 6 February 2018 at 14:23:02 GMT
To: Noel Edmonds


Noel, please pass this on,
I was horrified to read in the blog, that I have heard is compulsive viewing within Lloyds Group so now the honest rank and file, know about what happened to Juliette, similarly to what happened to my family.  She is not alone, please assure her that we victims all feel her pain, my wife left me as she could not mentally cope, supporting us by working at Lloyds, she had a nervous breakdown and my son will never speak to me again because I could not protect his mother, from a crooked bank!  Juliette is covered by the Supreme Court Legal Precedent (as is everyone so effected) of RBS v Carlyle where the verbal terms accepted are those that apply, in my case their lawyers defied this one month later by deceiving the Court and stealing our home.  Thus, their set Damages (2011) Revision apply where the verbal terms set were those agreed to and thus are binding! So if the bank ignored them then it is in breach of contract and has acted illegally, no surprises there as we all know they lie and are crooks! Also her suffering is covered by these Damages Rates as she can never get these lost years of her life back, as the Lord Chief Justice stated when setting these rates, mainly for those wrongly convicted or imprisoned, but equally relevant to premeditated criminal and illegal malpractice.  We all, who are so affected feel her pain, in my case I nearly took my own life, but that would have let the crooks win!
Never Give Up!  If it helps, Noel gave me a piece of advice many years ago, he may remember, it is called your cosmic wish list, every day 1st thing I do is write at the top of that days telly page: Make Bank Pay!  That is my raison d’tre, is to see them all jailed and our monies recovered with interest and Damages!
Juliette, never give up we are so close now, their accomplices are what they rely on, till they too will eventually realise they are accountable for being complicit in crimes, so they too will be incarcerated, then their possession can be seized for remediation purposes!  See how they like it!  Turn up at the AGM and lets get these crooks kicked off the Board and thrown out and taken to Court to recover from their possessions the costs accumulated whilst they were on the Board acting and covering up Criminality!
We will soon have our APPG Tribunals!  The Police are now finally investigating these crimes, and those responsible must be imprisoned, and once sentences served if applicable deported back to Portugal!  Plus all those accomplices are just as guilty, no one can force you to be complicit in criminal acts, all those complicit in the crime we endured appear totally willing to lie, cheat and steal exactly as Eric Daniels testified to Parliament, then the FCA Ruled for us all, then the Supreme Court Ruled for us all on three counts!
Still Blackwell, No-Sorry-O and their motley bunch of complicit crooks defy the Law, so their families will suffer when they are stripped of their ill gotten gains, Justly!
So Juliette, Never give up we will beat these Liars, Cheats and Thieves!
Regards Dave Brotherston