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Is the Archbishop of Canterbury part of the establishment cover-up of systemic criminality in LLOYDS BANK?

Justin Welby’s business career in finance is well documented but is there a dark side to the man at the heart of the Church of England?

Does the following quote from Wikipedia explain why the Archbishop of Canterbury refuses to meet Noel Edmonds who wishes to discuss the plight of the LLOYDS victims, which Parliament has described as-” the greatest crime in UK banking history”?

Noel Edmonds says-“I am so grateful to the LLOYDS victim who alerted me to this Welby quote from five years ago.It explains why the Archbishop of Canterbury has refused to meet me. Clearly he believes that bankers enjoy a special freedom. For the rest of us ‘ignorance’ is no defence in law and in most cases it’s the fast track to prison. But according to the Archbishop of Canterbury this should not apply to bankers and anyway he would behave in exactly the same fashion!

And then the most disturbing comment of all-” naming and shaming individual bankers….. is the behaviour of a lynch mob”

No Archbishop, it’s called’s called integrity.. it’s called justice… and  yes the LLOYDS victims maybe angry, maybe determined to see criminal bankers imprisoned, as they have been in so many other countries, but actually we draw the line at stringing them up.”