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Adrian White is the executive who orchestrates the LLOYDS cover up thats now being blown apart by the announcement of a nationwide police investigation into LLOYDS BANK.

Adrian White was  in charge of the bank’s response to the HBOS fraud. He decided LLOYDS position would be to block the police and deny all knowledge of a crime that LLOYDS were well aware of when they acquired HBOS in 2009.

Adrian White according to whistleblowers allegedly persuaded his superiors to covertly provide £60 million to support the defence of the accused bankers in the Southwark trial.If true this is a criminal act.

Once that strategy failed Adrian White was left with no option but to introduce the morally corrupt  ‘independent’ Griggs Review to supposedly compensate victims for their losses.

LLOYDS BANK have so far paid nothing in losses. Not a single victim has received a penny for their enormous losses.

Adrian White has always denied knowledge of the crime and has steadfastly maintained that there are no victims of the crime- just a few people who were a bit upset and so deserving of a token sum for their distress!

Adrian White has pursued an immoral and undoubtedly criminal strategy for his personal gain. The coverup strategy hasn’t worked for 2 reasons:

1- The crime is far bigger than a few rogue bankers in a little Berkshire branch. The criminality is systemic and practised by not just HBOS. LLOYDS BANK have been conducting the same criminal processes for years.

2- He underestimated the determination of Noel Edmonds. Last June Adrian White met with Edmonds and treated him with contempt and dismissed the irrefutable facts laid before him. Edmonds and his lawyers promptly went off to Thames Valley police who took a very different view to Adrian White. The result is Noel Edmonds case is now a criminal investigation and the National Crime Agency are engaged in a major enquiry into HBOS/LLOYDS.

LLOYDS BANK is going to be torn open in the coming months and the horrors they’ve tried to hide will finally be revealed. Many analysts believe LLOYDS BANKING GROUP will struggle to survive the storm thats being unleashed.

And all because Adrian White thought he was above the little people, the truth and the law.