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It is well known that LLOYDS BANK threw Noel Edmonds out of the Griggs Review and forced him to accept Mediation. This took place in London on November 10th and the mediator was the experienced Lawrence Kershen. Both parties signed a pre-mediation confidentiality agreement.

However, it’s Noel Edmonds’ view that no confidentiality agreement should

take precedence over the exposure of criminal activity. He is therefore

making public extracts from his personal statement which ran to

over 70 pages and was given to LLOYDS pre-mediation and will form part of

the forthcoming trial submissions.

The statement explains why Edmonds’ legal team accuse Lloyds Bank of criminality. This evidence has now been passed to Thames Valley police.

The first extract explains why Lloyds Bank CEO Antonio Horta Osorio can justifiably be described as a blatant liar. Osorio has lied to the media, to Parliament, to the regulators, to Lloyds employees and to the bank’s shareholders.Edmonds and his legal team believe that Osorio should face charges for his role in perverting the course of justice, fraud and forgery.



     He is the guardian of the great Lloyds lie.

  1. Whenever asked what he knew prior to the trial he always says-‘ I knew nothing’. I have the evidence that shows he’s lying.
  2. In March 2007, following delivery of the Andrew Scott Review, all senior HBOS executives, Lord Stevenson, Peter Cummings, Andy Hornby and their minions-Tom Angus, Hugh McMillan and Fraser Kelly knew of the crimes.
  3. In 2009 Eric Daniels, Sir Win Bischoff and all senior Lloyds executives knew of the crimes.
  4. In 2010 prior to taking up his position at LBG AHO was fully briefed not just on the HBOS crimes but also the criminality in various departments of LBG itself.
  5. In 2012, after his trip to the Priory the FSA gave AHO full details about all the crimes.
  6. In 2012 his right hand man Juan Colombas showed him additional evidence about the crimes.
  7. The Governor of the Bank of England, Sir Mervyn King discussed the crimes with AHO on ’multiple occasions’.
  8. PM Gordon Brown knew about the crimes. HM Treasury knew about the crimes
  9. After the Peer Review, the Deloitte investigation, the Lovell Report and dozens of internal and external reports into the crimes AHO still claims-  “I knew nothing.”
  10. The records show that in January 2014 senior Lloyds management including Juan Colombas and AHO were actually presented with the report about the criminal activity in HBOS.
  11. Even if AHO had a touch of amnesia about that report surely he must have seen Andy Verity’s coverage of the report on the BBC?
  12. It is utterly inconceivable that AHO doesn’t know about the Andrew Green QC report, which was published by the FCA.
  13. Sir Vince Cable confirmed to me that when he was Business Secretary in the coalition government he met with AHO.
  14. A Lloyds Board member has confirmed that the Board chaired by AHO discussed the crimes ‘on at least three occasions to my recollection’.
  15. In the words of Anthony Stansfield Lloyds have known for 10 years about the massive fraud that took place within HBOS. AS is also highly critical of AHO’s continued protestations of ignorance and innocence.
  16. I know I wounded AHO when in an interview I said- “Its his job to know what goes on in his bank-so AHO is either a shit banker or a liar”.
  17. I was actually wrong. All the evidence proves he is not one or the other- he’s both.

Further extracts will be published shortly.