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We’re so very grateful to Katherine for raising this subject in her column in today’s Times newspaper and Noel Edmonds responds:


” In an ideal world, in a compassionate, honest, well disciplined society Katherine would of course be 100% correct but today’s Britain is far from being a civilised society in which the weak are protected from the corrupt and unscrupulous strong. In a moment* I will explain why I will not be issuing proceedings until the end of September but it’s very important to appreciate why I continue to expose wrongdoing and criminality in Lloyds bank for the benefit of  the hundreds and possibly thousands of Lloyd’s victims.

Consider this:

Victims allege LLOYDS are supported by corrupt lawyers, auditors, accountants, insolvency practitioners, bailiffs and former police officers.  Victims allege inactivity on the part of the FCA, the SFO and many police forces with of course the exception of Thames Valley police. A recurring theme is that there’s an Establishment network which includes the Treasury and former government ministers which effectively suppresses the truth and manipulates the judicial system in favour of the bankers.The fact that, in contrast with other territories, no  senior UK bankers have gone to prison following the financial crisis of 2008 certainly lends credence to the view that in Great Britain victims of banking crimes, thats all of us, are denied justice.

Every year Lloyds Bank spend over £1 billion on lawyers-yep, every year. They operate one of the largest customer complaints departments in corporate business anywhere in the world.To put that in a context every day Lloyds receive 10 times more complaints than Volkswagen whose emissions skulduggery impacts upon public health and the well-being of the planet!

Lloyds also spend hundreds of millions every year on their public relations, media management and advertising strategy.Lloyds’  Black Horse ‘commercials’  don’t sell products or services, they project an ideology. They are cynical propaganda which is why lawyers representing the victims are now challenging the ASA to suspend all Lloyds “advertising”. This corporate propaganda is designed to project a public image which diverts attention from their corporate malpractices and criminality and is likely to influence a jury and possibly even the judge.So much for a ‘level judicial playing field’.

Lets not forget:

It was the broadcasters and print media which exposed Lloyds links to international arms sales, money-laundering and tax evasion. No court of law could or should bear such a responsibility.Following the hacking scandal there has been an ongoing battle to further control and suppress the U.K.’s Free Press. My view is that we need journalists such as Katherine and platforms like the Times to ensure that morally corrupt corporations and their executives are held to account by the little people.

Remember also that Paul and Nikki Turner, who inspired Thames Valley police to prosecute the criminal bankers and have founded the excellent SME Alliance to support victims, had to fight 22 attempts by Lloyds bank to have them evicted from their home. Sally Masterton, who was tasked by Lloyds to investigate their criminality and produced the recently leaked Turnbull Report has had her life made a living hell by the current senior management of Lloyds bank.

As a direct result of the efforts of the Thames Valley police commissioner Anthony Stansfeld, the APPG on Fair Business Banking and my own multi-platform media campaign, Lloyds victims, which I believe can be numbered in the thousands, now have a voice against the likes of Antonio Horta Osorio and his chairman Lord Blackwell who consistently lie to Parliament,the police, the regulators and the media with absolute impunity because they clearly believe they’re above the legal process Katherine refers to. Hopefully, now that public opinion is also turning against them (Comres poll) they will be exposed and swiftly dealt with by the criminal justice system.But on past performance I don’t think any of us are holding our breath.

* Finally why hasn’t my  legal team issued proceedings-yet?

By consistently exposing Lloyds and raising the public profile of a scandal which has seen the destruction of tens of thousands of UK small businesses, thereby making a major contribution to a decade of austerity in the UK, we have been receiving a constant flow of additional information about my case.We now have statements from former colleagues, employees and advisers.We have a wealth of information from former employees of both HBOS and Lloyds. Collating all of this information and completing statements for both my civil action and the criminal investigations being conducted by Thames Valley police takes time. I am reminded by my legal advisers that had we issued proceedings immediately after securing litigation funding in January we would have been denied invaluable additional evidence, the support of key witnesses and of course the recent revelations of the Turnbull report.In summary there is no delay. My team is simply focused upon compiling the most accurate information to secure the very best chance of success in a court of law.”