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This is the report that proves NOEL EDMONDS was always correct in renaming Lloyds


“I’ve read the whole report. Its shocking and distressing in equal measure.It will make victims weep and all honest people question how successive UK governments have permitted such brazen criminality to flourish. The report reveals criminality and collusion at the very highest levels of LLOYDS BANK and our financial institutions. I applaud those brave individuals who have risked everything to bring the report into the public domain.We must protect them and express our support by ensuring the Lloyds criminals are swiftly brought to justice.” NOEL EDMONDS


The TURNBULL report is about to be published.



The TURNBULL report proves that Antonio Horty Nosorio has been covering up LLIARS BANK crimes.

The TURNBULL report proves that  LORD BLACKLIAR has lived up to his name and lies, lies, lies.

The TURNBULL report proves LLIARS BANK is a criminal organisation run by crooks.

The TURNBULL report must result in bankers going to prison-at last.