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The Oxford English Dictionary lists 27 similes for ‘evil’ and they all apply to the morally corrupt HBOS/LLOYDS bankers who destroyed my businesses, my family, my future financial security and almost my life.

They’re a dark force and the Lloyds’ logo of a dark horse is very appropriate.

It’s important to remember that a relatively small number of people are responsible for the suffering Lloyds spreads on a daily basis. A small enclave of bankers control 70,000 employees and 30 million customers. On an hourly basis they make decisions which impact upon the well-being of a vast number of UK citizens.

We’ve experienced a decade of austerity because of their actions. We’ve witnessed their excesses and their utter contempt for honest hard working Britons.

These people are financial terrorists. Their God is money-their faith is greed.

They are immune to prosecution. Or are they?