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In the past few months all of the attention has been on the FCA refusing to publish the damning report into RBS’s notorious GRG- a department in which staff systematically destroyed businesses, livelihoods and lives.

 The politicians have been slow to take action but now there is increasing parliamentary pressure on Andrew Bailey the spineless chief of the FCA to publish the report in full.

 All hail to the Mail on Sunday, which is fighting on behalf of all UK SME’s, and today publishes extracts from the report complete with damning attacks on the appalling actions of RBS employees. Not for the first time we must be grateful for the freedom of the British press for exposing the extent of the corruption at the very highest level of UK banking.

 Clearly over the coming months the stench surrounding the FCA and RBS will only increase in intensity and now there are real prospects that RBS victims will finally receive appropriate compensation for their losses and the perpetrators of these appalling injustices, and in many cases outright criminality, will be brought to justice and incarcerated.

LLOYDS management must be watching these developments with absolute horror because they know they are sitting on an explosive report of their own-The Turnbull Report.

Anthony Stansfeld the Thames Valley police Crime Commissioner has a copy of the report, Paul Turner has had sight of extensive extracts and Noel Edmonds has received a detailed analysis of the Turnbull report from Lloyds’ whistleblowers.

NOEL Edmonds says:

“The Turnbull Report  totally destroys Lloyds position that senior management knew nothing about their systemic criminality.The Report  emphatically proves that Lloyds  management, the Lloyds Board and the most senior executives  who continually deny knowledge of the criminality, have been lying to the media, to the shareholders, to the police and to Parliament.

Once this report is made public Lloyds share price will crash and CEO Horty Nosorio will have no other option than to resign.”