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We know from all the conscientious staff in LLOYDS BANK that contact us, (and believe us there are lots but many are terrified of losing their jobs and pensions,) that company morale is at rock bottom and they loathe being associated with all the appalling publicity generated by the senior management.


So its time to galvanise the unions into action and provide LLOYDS staff with “the protection of the crowd”

From: Noel Edmonds
Subject: Lloyds staff
Date: 5 July 2018 at 15:46:30 GMT+2


LBG is now being investigated not just by Thames Valley police but also the National Crime Agency.

Parliament has finally woken up to the enormous damage being inflicted upon Lloyds staff, customers and shareholders. Lloyds reputation is being trashed and the banks image is so tarnished that it may never ever recover.

The fact that Lloyds has exhibited a cavalier disregard for financial regulations, has recklessly mis-sold financial products and engaged in criminal behaviour is irrefutable and proven.

Isn’t it time for Lloyds’ employees to speak up and demand an end to the catalogue of disasters masterminded by Mr Horta Osorio and his senior colleagues?

Surely Unite is alive to the fact that unless Lloyds staff distance themselves from the multiple scandals they will be regarded as approving of the wrongdoing and being complicit in the criminality?

I await your views with great interest.


Noel Edmonds