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Remember the date: the article below in today’s Times newspaper may well prove to be either- the catalyst for change or the spark for revolution.

The Times article has produced more responses to our

Confidential Hotline and our Whistleblower Channel than any other media coverage in the last 18 months.


We’re now evaluating the information received and will post nothing until we’re confident the information is accurate and the source is authentic.

However, to give you a flavour of the responses we’ve received today consider the following allegations from Whistleblowers within Lloyds Bank and for the first time HMRC:


*The CEO of Lloyds banking group Antonio Horta Osorio pays no UK tax on his income.


*The Mayors of Bristol- George Ferguson and the present Mayor Marvin Rees are both complicit in the cover-up of criminality in Lloyd’s HQ in Bristol.

 And as you read The Times article you must surely ask yourself:

How is it possible when so many UK citizens are struggling to pay their bills and have no money to plan for the future these Bankers are so richly rewarded for their blend of utter incompetence, arrogance, immorality,absolute dishonesty and in the case of the CEO of Lloyds Bank proven criminality?

                                             Paul Pester is responsible for £176m of losses in his bank and massive distress and losses for his customers yet is still paid almost £2million.

Jes Staley was found guilty of appallingly vindictive behaviour to a Barclays whistleblower and still pocketed almost £4million.

Antonio Horta Osorio the CEO of Lloyds Bank has been accused of blocking police investigations into his bank,harassing a whistleblower,admitted adultery and has continually lied to Parliament, the media, Lloyds customers, investors and the FCA but is still paid almost £7 million!!