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 LLOYDS BANK are still briefing the media that “Noel Edmonds will never start legal proceedings against us as he doesn’t have a case”.

Very shortly they’ll be proved wrong and the civil action will expose all of the wrongdoing and criminality within Lloyds Bank and most importantly identify the perpetrators. Edmonds’ legal team supported by private investigators are putting the final touches to an action which will not only secure the return of Noel Edmonds’ stolen goods but also open the way for thousands of other Lloyd’s victims to claim compensation and payment for consequential losses.

Noel Edmonds says:

” Over the past 6 months I’ve had to be very patient and accept the acquisition of detailed information and the compiling of witness statements is a complex process. My legal team, supported by brilliant security professionals and former police officers must be 100% confident in their facts and the legal strength of my case.Hardly a day passes without new evidence coming to light and fresh approaches from people keen to provide detailed statements.  Judging by their treatment of other victims  LLOYDS BANK will try every possible trick to disrupt the legal process but I have absolute confidence in my legal team and their ability to satisfy a judge that my businesses were destroyed by corrupt bankers.”

The ASA are still considering a legal challenge to their decision to refuse to suspend LLOYDS’ advertising as ‘its likely to prejudice the outcome of impending civil and criminal prosecutions’.

Noel Edmonds says:

“LLOYDS multi-million pound advertising campaign is blatant corporate propaganda. It’s designed to conceal the true nature of Lloyds’ financial malpractices and proven criminality. Lawyers pointed out to the ASA that none of the adverts were for products or services but were clearly intended to influence any would-be jurors or possibly even a judge. Incredibly the ASA have yet to produce a meaningful response which only fuels the belief that this supposedly independent body is too frightened to take action against a large high street bank.”


MR NADHIM ZAHAWI MP is one of the founders of YouGov the well-known polling company which boasts of its high professional standards, impartiality and integrity. However our recent experience suggests YouGov is not as independent and impartial as they would like the British public to believe. YouGov accepted a commission to ask the public for their views about Lloyds Bank.

YouGov approved the  wide range of questions and the survey began, only to be abruptly stopped after three days because in their words- they did not want the YouGov name associated with such

‘devastating’ results.

In other words- YouGov discovered the British public don’t trust  LLOYDS BANK and then covered up the truth.

Noel Edmonds says:

“Mr Zahawi must know why the poll was abandoned and why the data has been either concealed or destroyed. I have contacted him to ask for his opinion.I’ve also asked whether there is any link between the decision to abandon the poll and the amount of advertising revenue YouGov receives from Lloyds bank. There is possibly an even more sinister explanation for the public opinion poll findings being suppressed. BlackRock is the world’s largest private investment fund- it’s also a YouGov shareholder AND BlackRock is also one of the largest investors in- you guessed it- Lloyds bank. Is it possible that when YouGov realised the scale of the public criticism of Lloyds bank they abandoned their core principles of impartiality and integrity in favour of protecting  the financial interests of one of their own investors? If this is the explanation who is ever going to trust a YouGov poll again?



Sally Masterton, the former Lloyds Bank employee who was commissioned by Lloyds to investigate criminality in the bank and produced the Lord Turnbull report  should be applauded for her honesty and bravery in blowing the whistle on Lloyds Bank.

The report was recently leaked prompting calls for Antonio Horty Nosorio, Lord Blackwell and the Lloyds board to resign. So far these morally corrupt individuals have tried to remain silent except for releasing a ludicrous press statement claiming that Sally was not asked to compile the report and was acting entirely  independently.

Indeed at the recent AGM Lord Blackwell lied to shareholders when he claimed Lloyds had not commissioned the report.


Noel Edmonds says:

 “I now have a copy of the report and it proves that Lloyds Bank have for many years been covering up serious criminal activity. I’m delighted that Nicky Morgan chair of the Treasury committee is now demanding a response from Lloyds. It will be very interesting to see how they answer her very straightforward questions particularly with regard to the discredited Griggs Review.The FCA have been sitting on the report for years and I have now contacted Andrew Bailey and asked him  to explain what action the FCA intend to take against Lloyds and their Chief Executive. In particular I want to know how they will be protecting Sally Masterton and other whistleblowers. Recently the FCA imposed a significant personal fine on the chief executive of Barclays for his relentless pursuit of a whistleblower. In that case there was no actual criminality involved but we now know Antonio Horty Nosorio has masterminded a malicious campaign against Sally in an effort to conceal the extent of the criminal behaviour in his bank. I’ve put it to Mr Bailey that surely a fine is not appropriate in this case and Nosorio should be dismissed as not fit to run a bank and be given a lifetime ban.”



 Elsewhere on this website you will see an update on the next steps in the Thames Valley police investigation into the crimes committed against Noel Edmonds.

Remember, Lloyds Bank are  still maintaining that Noel is not a victim of a banking crime. Thats despite Thames Valley police confirming that he is indeed a victim and it’s their intention to press charges against a number of individuals.