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                                                                       Which are you Antonio?


My first reaction to you’re soul-bearing interview in the Times Magazine was that you at last appreciate the human cost of banking malpractice.Particularly that conducted by your own bank.

If that’s the correct interpretation of the public position you have now adopted, there are only two possible outcomes:

1-You will accept an invitation that I made to you over six months ago for us to meet and to share our personal experiences of mental ill health brought about by stress. Tomorrow you will receive a letter from me requesting just a few moments of your time to have a candid discussion which hopefully will lead to us working together for the benefit of the millions of people in the UK who are experiencing stress related diseases and mental ill-health. I believe that if  the comments  attributed to you in this interview are accurate and you are sincere in your stated intent to help others experiencing what you and I have both suffered, Lloyds Banking Group could make an important step forward in repairing its tarnished image.

2- The second outcome is that you will now personally engage with all of the victims and ensure their ordeal is brought to a fair and swift conclusion. This is very much within your power. In fact you could at a stroke within a matter of hours instruct your colleagues Adrian White and Melissa La Hood to cease treating the victims with such utter contempt and fulfil the promise you personally made 7 months ago that all victims would swiftly receive fair compensation.

Your interview has of course been greeted by both the media and the victims as a blatantly cynical attempt to come over as-‘A Good Guy’-vulnerable,damaged but now through his own determination, wiser, more compassionate and strong again.

              Will you use that strength to prove to us victims that you are also honest and trustworthy?

                                                          Antonio-are you Victim or Perpetrator?