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Lawyers are demanding the ASA take action against LLOYDS BANK by suspending the cynical and misleading advertising which is solely designed to project a positive image to conceal LLOYDS’ systemic wrongdoing and criminality.

The ‘By Your Side’ campaign is  designed to influence the outcome of the huge number of civil actions now being brought against LLOYDS BANK and the criminal investigations being conducted by the police.

LLOYDS are desperate to influence all judges and juries.

LLOYDS’ victims   appreciate there is very little chance of the ASA breaking ranks from the other UK regulators and having the strength to stand up to the bankers but the debate around the subject of LLOYDS’ propaganda has already created massive public awareness of the issue and  highlighted LLOYDS duplicity and cynical exploitation of its customers.

Whilst we acknowledge that many existing Lloyds customers are for a variety of reasons, not least indifference to the plight of  hundreds of thousands of Lloyd’s victims, unlikely to move their business we hope anyone contemplating becoming a LLOYDS’ customer will now think twice and instead sign up with one of the many new ethical banks.


Below is just one example of how the specialist media have covered the battle between the lawyers and the ASA: