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“The need for immediate and fundamental change to the toxic culture of the major UK banks is obvious and indisputable to all but the senior bankers themselves. So, how can those in authority force change upon a sector that regards itself as exempt from regulation and above the law?

Experience shows us new laws and tighter regulations will achieve nothing as no amount of legislation can ever force individuals to behave ethically and morally if the very concept is beyond their comprehension.

British bankers have committed fraud on an industrial scale and yet only 2 ‘banking foot-soldiers’ have been convicted. The banking generals have never been touched and so their confidence and arrogance, as exemplified by men like Horty Nosorio of LLOYDS and Ross McKewan of RBS, has reached new heights. These are men without principles or conscience. Men solely focussed upon amassing huge piles of money for personal gain regardless of the misery caused to millions of their fellow citizens. Until bankers are prosecuted for their wrongdoings and given long periods of incarceration, to allow them to reflect upon the damage they inflict upon our country and its people, nothing will change.”