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In an earlier blog we make reference to the arrival of the Tipping Point in the victims compensation process.

Now further evidence has emerged of a possible change of heart at the very top of Lloyds Banking Group.

In recent months the national print media have been magnificent. They have shown a voracious appetite for justice for all those who have had their livelihoods and lives cruelly destroyed by criminal bankers.

The FT’s Jonathan Ford initially led the charge with relentless high quality investigative journalism. His sources are impeccable. Hence the confidence with which the FT has challenged every Lloyd’s statement and denial.

The proof Lloyds are finally feeling the pressure and are recognising the public mood was the publication of a letter to the FT signed by both Antonio Horta Osorio and Lord Blackwell. They hoped to dampen the fire but inevitably fuelled a greater conflagration.

The response from Thames Valley police Commissioner Anthony Stansfeld was forthright and challenging. The pressure on Lloyds to be open and honest continues to build. The Tipping continues.

The Mail on Sunday has been magnificent. Their city editor Ruth Sunderland and the experienced Alex Hawkes have consistently communicated the issues with admirable clarity and compassion.

Every Sunday 6 million MoS readers learn more about, not just the economic damage to the nation, but also the human cost of the orchestrated campaign to bleed and then destroy thousands of healthy UK businesses. The Tipping continues.

Antonio Horta Osorio’s recent ‘pity poor me’ interview in The Times magazine was a spectacular PR disaster worthy of BP, Ryanair or Bell Pottinger.

He claimed the stress of running Lloyds had triggered insomnia and a depression so severe that he sought sanctuary in the Priory. Oh, and yeah, it also spoilt his holiday and affected his tennis. The man is now the laughing stock of the City. The Tipping continues.

Within days Osorio’s erstwhile chum, the former Chancellor George Osborne, now editor of the Evening Standard distanced himself from the unfolding Lloyds disaster with a blistering attack on the bank which is now infuriating the ‘ordinary people’ who have suffered over a decade of austerity.


However, none of these developments is as significant as the latest chapter in the story of the incredible Turners.

If it wasn’t for the dogged determination of Paul and Nikki Turner criminals would still be free, victims would have no chance of rebuilding their lives and everyone would still be thinking that Lloyds Bank could be trusted.

The Turners have become champions of the little people. Their determination to achieve compensation for the victims has sent seismic tremors through the corridors of power.

No doubt they have made powerful enemies. Is that why until recently Lloyds Bank were refusing to acknowledge that the Turners were actually victims of what has been described as “the U.K.’s worst banking crime”?

Unless you’ve actually experienced dealing with Lloyds Banking Group you would find their position with regard to the Turners as utterly incomprehensible. However, last month Lloyds own lawyers wrote to the Turners requesting evidential proof that they were victims of a crime!

The Turners response to Lord Blackwell was commendably restrained.

One of the tactics, which Lloyds uses against victims is- time theft. They are the master Time Thieves. At every turn they attempt to gain advantage by dragging out correspondence and waiting to the last moment of any deadline.

So the fact that the Turners received an almost immediate response from Adrian White, on behalf of Lord Blackwell, could be interpreted as a positive sign.

Indeed, the choice of words and the general tone of the letter imply that Mr White is now prepared to be more conciliatory and constructive in his dealings with all victims of the HBOS/Lloyds crime.

This development raises a number of questions-

Is this a genuine change in Lloyds’ management strategy?

Are they finally appreciating the plight of the victims?

Are they acknowledging the reputational damage being inflicted by the media?

Do they now want to expedite closure on this very dark chapter in their history?