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Dear Stephen,

I am reaching out to you with a sincere request on behalf of all of the victims of LLOYDS’ callous treatment of hard-working British men and women and their families and asking you to reconsider your personal endorsement of LLOYDS BANK through their TV commercial which uses mental health as a way to promote the bank.

My only qualification to speak out on behalf of victims is that I too know what it’s like to suffer the very darkest form of mental anguish at the hands of callous, evil hearted bankers. Like many of the other LLOYDS’ victims I endured years of stress and depression and ultimately suicidal thoughts as my life and livelihood were systematically torn apart.

I may have the highest profile of the thousands of LLOYDS’ victims but my experience is far from unique.  Relationships, families, businesses and livelihoods have been utterly destroyed by LLOYDS’ bankers pursuing a deliberate strategy to boost corporate profits and personal bonuses.

This criminality was exposed  during a cross-party parliamentary debate in the House of Commons in January during which LLOYDS BANK were specifically named as being complicit in the ” biggest crime in UK banking history” and the recent publication of the Turnbull Report which I encourage you to read.

Whilst I applaud your support for those suffering serious mental health issues I assume, in signing up to the advertising campaign and no doubt pocketing a handsome fee, you were unaware that LLOYDS BANK carry a considerable responsibility for the extent of mental ill-health in our communities.

LLOYDS have been exposed for their links to tax evasion, money laundering and arms dealing: fined for mistreating their own staff and been proven to have engaged in extensive criminal activity over many years.If you’d like to see the evidence supplied to me by whistleblowers,victims, private investigators and journalists please get in touch.

In the meantime I trust you will decide to distance yourself from this cynical advertising campaign.

After all- you’re either with the victims or the perpetrators. Clearly the choice is yours.

kindest regards,