I used to listen to Classic FM religiously. It would be in the car, around the house and in my TV dressing room. But then the relentless negativity started to erode my enthusiasm.

The long news bulletins with their ghastly stories of death and tragedy; the travel information for journeys I would never make; the ever lengthening commercial breaks with their low grade production values and exhortations to purchase goods and services that undoubtedly I will never want or need.

And then the continual references to the station identity. In one break between beautiful music I counted no less than 16 mentions of Classic FM.That's insulting the listener’s intelligence. That's really negative radio.

So, in the spirit of positivity, I decided to create my own classical music radio station. We now play the world's finest classical music blended with inspirational words of wit and wisdom.

The legendary voice of BBC Radio 4, Brian Perkins, was tempted out of retirement to be our host.

And then I added one more ingredient-my huge respect and appreciation for our glorious Royal Family.

Our classical music station, called Positively Royal, brings you regular Royal updates from our partners-HELLO! Magazine and we support Country Life magazine in its determination to protect all that's precious and distinctive about life in Great Britain.

Enjoy Positively Royal


News Free-Commercial Free-Listen Free.