With so many talent shows on TV, with channels such as YouTube and with so many different forms of social media you could be forgiven for thinking that it's easy to break into the music industry. Well,it never has been and it's no easier now.

Would-be musical artists tell me that even if you manage to catch the eye of the legendary A&R man, or a venue owner or you manage plenty of Facebook ‘likes’ and Youtube ‘hits’ it’s still incredibly difficult to make the journey from obscurity to public awareness.

Oh, and there is another ‘Factor’ which many people don't appreciate. Even if you’re successful in getting onto one of the well-known talent shows the contractual arrangements are often extremely onerous and heavily weighted against the artist.

So, because I am so very grateful for the ‘breaks’ I had and the people who supported me, on my journey through radio and TV, I have launched a radio station providing a worldwide platform for undiscovered and unsigned talent.

If you are a performer, producer or writer and would like your talents positively promoted to millions of people across the globe please do contact our wonderful host Elles Bailey.

Elles, a hugely talented singer/song-writer, understands the issues and challenges. Most importantly she understands both the music business and audiences, so she will ensure that your talents are promoted in the most positive fashion possible.

There are no contractual strings, no terms and conditions, just a simple request that when you achieve your dream you remember the people who helped you along the way.


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