The Positivity Formula

In 2005 my book Positively Happy was published. Part biographical, it explained why the adoption of Cosmic Ordering produced a happier, healthier and more successful lifestyle. Subsequently many people have thanked me for the advice contained within its pages and the positive influence it had upon their lives. On the eve of the publication of my follow-up book-The Positivity Formula-I would like to apologise for the fact that I was completely wrong in one of my core beliefs.

In my defence 10 years ago I genuinely believed that it was possible for the human mind to influence and even control our destiny. However, after a decade long research journey, which has taken me along the corridors of every scientific department and delivered me into the wonderful world of Quantum Physics, I now understand the science that says-“Positivity is a state of body not a state of mind.”

This fantastic expedition into the unknown was triggered by my curiosity as to whether there was a scientific explanation for why some people are so much more positive than others and how it is they enjoy better health, greater happiness and a more successful lifestyle. Furthermore, I wanted to know whether it was possible to create a science-based formula for human positivity.

The book I hope to publish very soon confirms this to be the case. The science says that by adopting a few simple procedures almost anyone can tune their body energy system to virtually guarantee a healthier and more positive lifestyle.

I say, ‘very soon’ because so far I have failed to interest a mainstream publisher. In fact, I will go so far as to say that I have not only experienced rejection but also suspiciously deliberate disruption to my ambition to make this positivity formula available to the widest possible global audience. One very well known publishing house instantly dismissed the book on the basis that I had no scientific or medical qualifications and was only known as a ‘light entertainment TV presenter’. Another described the work as hugely disruptive (particularly to the multi-billion-dollar global mind, body and spirit industry) and likely to shock the audience. Interesting reactions given that no publisher has actually read the book and these rejections were on the basis of a very brief synopsis!

So, here we are in 2016 and my publishing date is on hold. There is still an outside chance I will find an appreciative and supportive traditional publisher but I suspect I will end up self-publishing. Actually I am quite happy with this scenario because my sole desire is to get the positivity message out to the widest possible audience. Also, I'm happy to wait because with every passing week more scientific data is revealed to confirm the existence of a universal energy web, which enfolds every one of us and we know as-life.

So, I say to all those people who consistently ask me when will the book be published, please be patient for a little longer. Trust me, the science I’ve discovered and the six elements of The Positivity Formula will offer you a much healthier, happier and more successful life. After all I’m the living proof that it works and so I’m confident it can work for you.