It's widely accepted that the first radio broadcast was in the summer of 1920. The power of radio then spread around the world and manufacturers vied to produce the most popular radio receivers. In the 1950's the transistor radio freed us to enjoy 'radio on the move' and there have been delivery developments such as FM radio and DAB.

During this time there have been huge developments in the print industry with an explosion in genre specific books and magazines. Cable and satellite television has engaged with millions across the globe providing channels delivering a mass of genre specific programming. However, there has been no such development in the world of radio-until now.

The new radio revolution is underway for the simple reason you no longer require a radio- to listen to the radio!

In 2015, for the first time, the number of personal devices on the planet exceeded the number of humans and these devices are now multiplying five times faster than we are!

Also until recently free Wi-Fi hotspots were a rarity. Today there are almost 50 million free Wi-Fi hotspots in the world. However, by the end of next year there'll be an incredible 350 million free Wi-Fi hotspots- one for every 20 people on the planet.

These 2 developments ensure that millions of people are now listening to radio in a totally different way. In the USA 160 million people, that's half the population, listen to Internet radio which worldwide is growing at 20% year-on-year.

Furthermore listening habits are changing. Traditionally consumers favoured 2 or 3 specific radio stations and rarely explored any further but thats changing.

Consider this- a few years ago the average consumer accessed no more than 3 websites a day but now that figure is 10 or more and rising, and of course people only visit websites in which they have, for whatever reason, a strong interest. The same behaviour pattern is now occurring with radio which is why we are seeing a move from "broad-casting" to "genre-casting" in which individual radio stations provide content specifically designed to only appeal to listeners with an interest in that particular subject.

In this new exciting age of genre specific radio stations consumers won't listen for hours and hours to a specific station. Instead they will explore the available options and choose radio stations which interest them much in the way that consumers now use websites. Very soon it will become completely normal to listen to many radio stations in any 24-hour period. In short, you will listen to individual radio stations for less time as you build the radio soundtrack to your lifestyle and that is the principle behind

If you click on the radio guide at the foot of this page you will see the scale of our achievement to date as well as our current development and long-term plans. It is our intention to create hundreds of genre specific radio stations all promoting the benefits of a positive outlook on life. Our stations will always be - news free, commercial free, listen free and we would love you to tell us which stations you would like us to launch next.

You see it's very important to us that acknowledges the consumer is now in control. Gone are the days when large broadcast organisations could manipulate the listening public. We recognise the 'power' now rests with YOU the consumer and it is our intention to provide YOU with the opportunity to create the radio soundtrack to YOUR lifestyle.

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"Almost 50 years ago I started my broadcasting career on the radio and now this is my personal radio revolution-I'm coming back to my first love and I'm very excited to be at the forefront of this new Radio Revolution."