Why Positivity?

Positivity is in very short supply in the world and we would like to do something about that. Everything we do, all of our messaging is always Positive.

Our radio stations are news free, because news is incredibly negative and actually very bad for your health, they are commercial free because most commercials are very poor quality, generally irrelevant to your needs and wants and therefore negative and all of our radio stations will always be free to the listeners-which is a pretty big Positive.

For our members associating with the brand Positivity is a major USP. As a brand Positivity embraces every demographic. Positivity has no conditions or boundaries. Positivity is a universal language and Positivity is personal.

Not all brands - hello VW - can be trusted but Positivity can. In fact it's a brand which will enhance any other brand.

"Positivity is a universal language. Positivity embraces every demographic."